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ELSYS provides Signal processing hardware-software, special software's for multi-computing platforms and RTOS with an easy-to-install and easy-to-use integrated software development and debugging environment (IDDE) that enables efficient management of projects from start to finish from within a single interface



Some of the features

  • Fully integrated user interface including project management, debugging, profiling and plotting.

  • Support a variety of debug targets (emulation, simulation, compiled simulation and 3rd party offerings).

  • C/C++ compiler, assembler (with C data type support), expert linker and loader.

  • Provides a single user interface taking you through each step of the application development flow. Familiar tools and interfaces allow users to get started faster than ever before.

  • Available in various free, node locked (tied to a PC) and floating (network) licenses



Hardware Debugging, cost-effective Universal Serial Bus (USB)-based emulator and High performance (HP) Universal Serial Bus (USB)-based emulator each provide an easy, portable, non-intrusive, target-based debugging solution for Analog Devices JTAG processors and DSPs

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